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Charlotte Wells RGN

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Trained at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, Charlotte has over 30 years of experience of caring for patients in hospital (in both surgical and medical settings) and in the community.


For the past 26 years, she has been focused on caring for patients in the community. She has developed a specific interest and experience in caring for patients who are terminally ill, working in hospice inpatient and day patient units and in the community.


In 1997,Charlotte founded Shipston Home Nursing, a hospice at home charity providing hands on palliative care in the community across South Warwickshire.


With over 25 years’ experience as a district nurse caring for patients in their homes suffering from chronic, acute, and terminal illnesses, Charlotte has developed a special interest in respiratory, malignancy and asbestos related diseases. With this specialist knowledge as a cancer nurse she has written care reports for the Court on 100's of clients. This has included reports on the care needs of their dependents, both children and adults.


Charlotte has given evidence in the High Court.  She has lectured counsel and solicitors on care in malignancy, asbestos related cases and care for dependents of those who have succumbed to such conditions.

"Your help was invaluable to securing such a lucrative settlement and it will make a huge difference to our client and his wife, so thank you."

"I am incredibly grateful for your assistance with this case, for speaking with our client and for preparing the final report. It is due to your evidence we were able to get a significant increase on the Defendant's previous offer. Both myself and our client really appreciate your expertise and help.”

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