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Bridget Jones RGN; MSc; BA Hons; MHS Cert

Bridget Jones 1.jpg

Bridget is a registered general nurse with over 30 years’ experience across general medicine and surgery, orthopaedics, care of the elderly and end of life in both hospital and community settings.

Having trained at St James’s University Hospital Leeds, Bridget holds a certificate in health service management, a social science degree and a master’s degree in health education and health promotion.

Now, Bridget’s core speciality is as an experienced senior nurse manager working within a continuing health care (CHC) department, ensuring care is delivered in the most cost-effective way through efficient resource allocation. She has significant experience of CHC assessments and funding of care packages including fast track (end of life care) and commissioning services for adults and children working collaboratively with partner organisations. 

As an expert nursing care witness, Bridget has prepared hundreds of care reports for claimants, defendants, and joint instructions over the last 10 years, giving evidence in county and high courts for clients with severe physical and mental health disabilities.

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