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Heather Goding
Nurse Expert Witness

In your opinion, what are the positives of working with Charlotte Wells & Co?

Charlotte Wells & Co provide a safe and supportive environment to work in. We have regular team meetings where we can share experiences and receive updates on pertinent legislation. We have the opportunity to attend webinars as a team and feedback on any study days that we may have attended. You never feel alone knowing that you can pick up the phone and talk things through in a non-judgmental way.


My belief is the strength of the company is in its size, we may be smaller than some other agencies but that means we know and trust each other on a one-to-one level.

What would you or others say are your strongest skills?

I hope others would say that I am a loyal team player, have excellent communication skills and am not afraid to “think outside the box”. I respect the differences in background of my colleagues.

Tell us about your nursing experience

My entire nursing career has been spent in Oncology and Palliative Care, having held both clinical and management roles. I have always adhered to the notion that if you find a specialty that you find challenging and rewarding then you are fortunate as I have been.

Your proudest professional moments

Gaining my Bsc Hons Palliative Care was a very proud moment in my career. I do take pride when I am able to fulfil a patient's wishes to die in their preferred place of care, sometimes against the odds.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I realise it may sound predictable to say that in my spare time I read, but actually it is true. I am a great devotee of Nordic Crime fiction, actually any crime fiction. My family think it is a strange choice for someone who works in palliative care!


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Martin Brown

In your opinion, what are the positives of working with Charlotte Wells & Co?


I have benefitted from being part of a small but experienced team of nurse expert witnesses backed by legal secretarial support. I have been able to have one on one mentorship from Charlotte Wells since I started working as an expert witness in 2020. As with any specialism you do not become very expert overnight. It is a journey of development. In this particular role I have been able to take all the knowledge and skills accumulated over the years and convert them into a process culminating in an expert witness report. I have undertaken training provided by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and Bond Solon and currently working towards the Cardiff University Bond Solon (CUBS) expert witness certificate. In addition I access events and training provided from the Expert Witness Institute (EWI) and APIL on relevant topics and updates. Charlotte Wells actively encourages and facilitates her associates to engage with these institutions.


What would you or others say are your strongest skills?


A palliative medicine consultant once described me as being like a chameleon in that I have an ability to adapt and change to whatever circumstances or roles I find myself in. I have held various roles in my life that have required me to take on different types of personas and skill sets. I have often pivoted between being a novice learner in a new domain, to being fairly accomplished in another to the point I teach or supervise others.


Tell us about your nursing experience


As an illustration of the last point, I began my health service carer aged 18 working in operating theatres and I trained and qualified as an Operating Department Assistant. I worked in all sorts of surgical settings both on the anaesthetic side and a scrubbed-up member of the operating team. I had roles in Intensive care, obstetrics and advanced life support. I then trained and qualified as a Registered General Nurse (RGN) and my earlier years I spent staffing across medical, surgical and specialty units. I became a charge nurse/Primary nurse in a community hospital and led a team in a new system and theoretical approach known as Primary Nursing, working alongside GP’s, District nurses and Health visitors. I undertook my first of many specific trainings in Palliative care nursing which enabled me to develop palliative care within the hospital and upskill other nurses and GP’s. Alongside this as a second job I worked as a Marie Curie nurse providing hands on care and respite to patients in their homes. My interest in community nursing and palliative care led to my undertaking another year of training to qualify and work as a District nurse. I was still particularly drawn to palliative care and decided that this is where I wanted to specialise.

I became a community NHS Macmillan nurse in 1992 and I have held several different NHS Macmillan posts in different geographical areas, both in community and hospitals.


Sometimes I was based within Hospices where I was able to jointly work with other staff to develop other services and training. I provided clinical supervision to more isolated nurse practitioners and I have mentored specialist nurse in development posts. I worked within Muli professional teams with consultants, psychologists, social workers and allied health professionals. I have undertaken many courses of development, some at degree and post graduate level.

I was particularly interested in psychological aspects of people and had worked outside of nursing in various help and support roles. This interest led to me undertaking a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic counselling qualifying in 2001. This enhanced my nursing skill set but also led to me working as therapist separately currently in the independent voluntary sector. I retired from full time NHS working, but I still work as a locum Clinical nurse Specialist in the NHS.


Your proudest professional moments


There have probably been many I have forgotten. That is because when you work as a nurse specialist, teaching, training and developments as well as proving advanced level care is what you do. In 1994 wrote my first business plan which resulted in Macmillan funding and developing the first rural Macmillan cancer support centre. This was a precursor to the Macmillan information and support units that now exist alongside cancer treatment centres and in general hospitals. I have been proud to mentor other developing nurse specialists who have gone on to work in other posts. I was the first Specialist nurse in palliative care in Warwickshire to become an Independent non-medical prescriber in 2006. I was one of two specialist nurses who joined the GP out of hours service rota in South Warwickshire.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?


I walk with a group network on some weekends and I lead walks myself. I like to travel and have visited quite a few other countries. I enjoy learning about other cultures and enjoy programs about travel, culture and history. I have been learning to speak Spanish over the years and would like to be fluent. I enjoy most foods and I’m a reasonable cook. I like cocktails especially when on cruises but I also like visiting heritage pubs and drinking real ale. I like going to the theatre both am dram and professional productions, some ballet and musicals. I enjoy getting bargains in Fortnum and Masons food hall.


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Spotlight on:
Tracey Amphlett

Based in Warwickshire, Tracey is a Nurse Expert Witness

In your opinion, what are the positives of working with Charlotte Wells & Co?


To be able to discuss ethical dilemmas and complex care requirements, which often involve the safeguarding of vulnerable people with such an experienced team of experts means that we can all support each other and share knowledge. It is healthy to communicate effectively and thoroughly discuss areas of concern. Charlotte has a wealth of knowledge and experience and makes the time for important discussions.

What would you or others say are your strongest skills?


I am very committed to providing the best possible service and care to my clients and patients. I often go above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome.

Every assessment that I make is wholly independent and holistic. I also ensure that I take time to consider the needs of the wider family and how illness affects the entire family. It is vital to anticipate the wider needs of the client and that of the family. This helps to ensure they do not meet a crisis which would be extremely detrimental. Taking the time to listen carefully and finding solutions for problems and signposting for further services is essential.


Tell us about your nursing experience

Before undertaking my training with the University of Coventry I took on a role as a health care assistant within a community hospital. This gave me an insight into numerous areas such as stroke, orthopaedics, and palliative care. Because this was a community hospital, I was able to work alongside occupational therapists and physiotherapists. I undertook NVQ 2 and 3 in care certificates before I transferred to an emergency assessment unit in an acute hospital. In 2005 I commenced adult nurse training and alongside this I continued to work on the nursing bank which exposed me to numerous areas of nursing. When I qualified, I initially worked in medicine and surgery with some time in a theatre recovery unit. In 2010 I returned to the University of Coventry where I completed a degree in Professional Practice. This included leadership modules and sexual health practice. Over the years I have worked in a renal dialysis unit for end stage kidney disease patients and a community emergency response team assessing and nursing patients with numerous nursing and therapy needs. I have also marked student papers for care assistants working in nursing homes and studying for care qualifications with Warwickshire College. This was centred around palliative care modules. My experience within different disciplines has provided me with a solid foundation and significant knowledge in healthcare. This is vital for my role as a care expert and I apply my nursing knowledge, skills and experience to my assessments and court compliant reports.


Your proudest professional moment?

One particular case I was involved in as the care expert had a fantastic result. My client was the first recipient of a LUKE arm outside of the USA and the first settlement to include realistic provision for the same. I was commended on my invaluable assistance in the case which settled successfully, in financial and rehabilitation terms.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love holidays with my family and travel. I also enjoy Zumba, eating out with my husband and West End musicals!


Spotlight on:
Helen Howison

Based in South Wales, Helen is a Nurse Expert Witness

In your opinion, what are the positives of working with Charlotte Wells & Co?

Being part of a team, working independently as an expert witness can be isolating. Charlie and Sonia are supportive and encourage reflection, learning from each report and sharing knowledge with the wider team.

Charlie encourages the wider team to maintain knowledge and skills pertinent to being an expert witness, facilitating opportunities for mentorship and peer support. I now prepare reports for any cancer type and have made the decision to concentrate on preparing expert witness care reports full time.

What would you or others say are your strongest skills?

My ability to develop an effective therapeutic relationship with the clients, enabling detailed conversation about upsetting topics during a short interaction. I can combine my extensive nursing knowledge and skills with my newer civil law qualifications and use all of my experience to effectively document the burden of living with cancer in a nursing care report.

Tell us about your nursing experience

I qualified in 2000, my first staff nurse post was on a surgical ward, caring for patients undergoing cardiac and lung surgery. My passion for cancer care was ignited here, I cared for patients undergoing lung cancer and mesothelioma surgery.


During my ward sister role at the local specialist cancer centre I coordinated care for acutely unwell cancer patients. I was a Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma CNS for 15 years, leading the service in Wales’ busiest MDT.  Whilst caring for mesothelioma patients I developed professional relationships with industrial disease solicitors who acted on behalf of patients with asbestos related disease. I was offered the opportunity to start expert witness training whilst completing my MSc in Advance Practice and I realised I enjoy academic writing! This resulted in a great merger of my skills, I’ve gone on to prepare complex care reports and completed the Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate. I left the CNS role after 15 years, a little weary after Covid and in need of a new challenge. I joined Macmillan Cancer Support as a Cancer Information Nurse Specialist, this role has resulted in rapid progression of my wider cancer care knowledge, I needed to be able to competently share accurate information, offering support for patients with any cancer type. This role is unique and very satisfying, but as my report writing activity increased my work life balance was being compromised so I have decided to focus my expertise on report writing.

I will maintain my nursing credibility and experience by working at the local in-patient hospice ad hoc, ensuring I get my hands on nursing fix, transferring clinical updates into my expert witness role.

Your proudest professional moments

Acting as an advocate for my patients in all scenarios, but in particular pushing my medical peers to consider challenging treatment for a lung cancer patient with schizophrenia. They were unable to make an informed decision but expressed a strong desire not to die of cancer. I coordinated capacity assessments, challenging mental health services to react in a timely manner, arranging an independent mental capacity advocate and worked collaboratively with the regional surgical cancer team. This resulted in my young patient accessing curative lung cancer surgery, when the wider team doubted their ability to cope with this. In a similar theme as a novice expert witness, I was able work collaboratively with a social worker for a dependent spouse who had dementia and was vulnerable following the death of their husband from mesothelioma, my joint assessment and work with social care resulted in provision of funds for timely placement in a care home ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I enjoy spending time with my family, we have a 9-year-old son and a crazy cockerpoo! I enjoy walks,
photography and I’m always planning our next holiday!


Spotlight on:
Charlotte Wells

Based in South Warwickshire, Charlotte is Founder of Charlotte Wells & Co and a Nurse Expert Witness

In your opinion, what are the positives of working with Charlotte Wells & Co?

We are a strong team.  We create many opportunities to share our experience with each other and to develop our practice as expert witnesses.  This helps to minimise working in isolation and broadens our knowledge.  As a company we continue to grow in both size and experience and we are proud to have recently been accepted as a Corporate Partner with the Expert Witness Institute; this recognizes our commitment to providing excellent training and professional development to every expert that works with Charlotte Wells & Co.

What would you or others say are your strongest skills?

  • Working within my area of expertise, which is based on many years of community and palliative care nursing.

  • Continuing development of my expert witness skills; undertaking regular training.

  • Lecturing counsel and solicitors in my field of expertise.

  • Giving evidence in the High Court

Tell us about your nursing experience

I worked in hospital, nursing home and day hospice settings before becoming a district nurse, a role I enjoyed and I felt privileged to care for people in their own homes.  I was particularly passionate about caring for terminally ill patients, but often found that there was not enough care available to enable them to be safely cared for at home as they approached the end of their lives.  This inspired me to set up a Hospice at Home service, Shipston Home Nursing, which was launched in 1997.  The purpose of this service, which has depended on mostly charitable funding, was to ensure that there was adequate nursing care available to enable terminally ill patients who wished to stay at home to do so, and to support their families in providing their care.

Your proudest professional moments

  • Setting up Shipston Home Nursing.

  • I have worked on many very complex and sad cases in my professional career as an expert witness. One case related to a lady whose parents both died of mesothelioma, leaving her as main carer for her Downs Syndrome brother.  She then also died of mesothelioma and her three sons, all in their 20s, then took over the care of their uncle.  The case settled with provision of excellent residential care for the gentleman with Downs Syndrome.  

  • Speaking to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers at their annual conference on Asbestos.

  • Being accepted as a Corporate Partner of the Expert Witness Institute.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Gardening, tennis, cooking, and travel, all of which I enjoy doing with my family and friends.


Charlotte Wells & Company are delighted to announce that we have been approved as a Corporate Partner by the Expert Witness Institute.

The EWI Corporate Partner scheme aims to recognise organisations which have been able to demonstrate that they check the quality and compliance of expert reports and ensure systems are in place to keep their team up to date with training as well as identify and resolve any issues and poor practice.

Simon Berney-Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of EWI, said: “We are pleased to confirm Charlotte Wells & Co’s status as one of our Corporate Partners. The Membership Committee were particularly impressed by the organisation’s commitment to training for Experts and ongoing CPD. We are delighted to have them on board as one of our Corporate Partners.”

Charlotte Wells, Director, said “We are delighted to be approved as an EWI Corporate Partner. The professional support, training and resources offered by the EWI will enable our expert team to develop their practice further and to continually reflect and improve the quality of our reports.”

Charlotte Wells & Company are Nurse Specialists in Cancer Care Reports. Our team of experienced nurses provide independent expert witness services and medical legal reporting across the UK & Ireland.

For further information please contact: Sonia Wain
07871 655312

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